Yadah – Never seen ft Sunmisola Agbebi


“Never Seen” by Yadah ft. Sunmisola Agbebi: A Heavenly Collaboration.

The realm of gospel music is vibrant with soulful melodies, powerful lyrics, and heartwarming collaborations. One such recent collaboration that has captured the hearts of many is Yadah’s new song titled “Never Seen,” featuring the talented Sunmisola Agbebi. This blog post dives into the heart of this enchanting song, exploring its themes, musicality, and the artists behind it.

“Never Seen” is more than just a gospel song; it’s an anthem that resonates with the spirit of worship. Yadah, known for her emotive voice and deep spirituality, teams up with Sunmisola Agbebi, a rising star in the gospel scene, to create a musical experience that is both uplifting and soul-stirring. The collaboration brings together two unique styles that blend seamlessly, offering listeners a fresh perspective on worship and praise.

Yadah’s vocals are a significant highlight of the song. Her voice carries a depth of emotion that conveys the essence of the lyrics, drawing listeners into a personal experience of worship. Sunmisola Agbebi, on the other hand, brings a youthful energy and a soulful vibe to the track. Her harmonies complement Yadah’s lead vocals, creating a beautiful balance that enhances the overall sound.

Since its release, “Never Seen” has received widespread acclaim from gospel music enthusiasts. Many listeners have shared how the song has touched their hearts, offering comfort and inspiration.



Video: Yadah – Never seen ft Sunmisola Agbebi

Lyrics: Yadah – Never seen ft Sunmisola Agbebi

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