William McDowell – As We Worship

Once again, let’s listen to the new offering “As We Worship” made by the American gospel music sensation, William McDowell.

To the hearing of the fans, William McDowell dropped this impressive song “As We Worship” which would be highly accepted and receive lots of commendations. “Expectation” was recorded and released in 2009 and is said to be one of the tracks off his new album called “As We Worship”.

As We Worship is a distinctive and well-created body of work that is made of praise and worship. It houses a number of 21 comprising of two discs 12 tracks from disc 1 and 9 tracks from disck 2. It is a special offering in which William McDowell showcases his unlimited capabilities and puts some hard work into reaching his fans’ satisfaction and expectations.

From the album, the song “As We Worship” appeared as the 2nd and one of the best tracks that will surely be worth a perfect place on your favourite music playlist… Listen and download it below!!!


Video: William McDowell – As We Worship

Lyrics: William McDowell – As We Worship

Holy Spirit, We’re calling on You
We are asking you to send the rain
When we worship in spirit and truth
Something happens that we can’t explain
Demons tremble; Kings bow down
Lives are changed at the sound of your name
As we lift our voice in praise, let your glory fill this place
As we bring this offering, Jesus we crown you as Lord and King
As we worship (repeat phrase after 2X’s thru

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