Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)

Mr M & Revelation, the Nigerian gospel powerhouse, have once again graced the music scene with their soul-stirring new single, “Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze).” Known for their ability to infuse traditional African rhythms with contemporary gospel sounds, this track is no exception. “Idimma,” which translates to “You Are Good,” is a heartfelt worship song that exalts God as the King of Kings. The rich blend of harmonies, spirited instrumentation, and deeply reflective lyrics invite listeners into a profound experience of worship and thanksgiving. Mr M & Revelation’s passion for spreading the message of God’s goodness is palpable in every note, making “Idimma” a must-listen for gospel music enthusiasts.

Following the success of their previous hit, “God Is On My Matter (EL-ROI),” Mr M & Revelation continue to solidify their place in the hearts of gospel music lovers worldwide. Their unique ability to convey powerful spiritual messages through music has garnered them a dedicated following. “God Is On My Matter” showcased their knack for blending scriptural depth with relatable everyday experiences, and “Idimma” builds on this foundation, emphasizing God’s unwavering goodness and sovereignty. As Nigerian artists, Mr M & Revelation bring a vibrant and authentic touch to the global gospel music stage, resonating with audiences far and wide.

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Video: Mr M & Revelation – Idimma (Eze Ndi Eze)


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