William McDowell – Arise (The Live Worship Experience) [Album]

“Experience the Spiritual Awakening: William McDowell’s ‘Arise’ Album Review”

William McDowell, a maestro of modern worship and pastor whose latest offering, “Arise (The Live Worship Experience),” transcends mere melodies to create a sacred space for listeners to connect with the divine. The album “Arise” was released in the year 2011 as McDowell’s debut album comprising of 13 tracks from disc 1, and 10 tracks from disc 2.

Released amidst a tumultuous backdrop, “Arise” emerges as a timely masterpiece, blending powerful vocals, stirring lyrics, and anointed instrumentation to usher audiences into a realm of spiritual revival. McDowell, renowned for his ability to craft anthems that resonate deep within the heart, delivers a tour de force of praise and worship in this live recording.

“Arise (The Live Worship Experience)” is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a divine encounter, a catalyst for revival in a world desperately in need of hope and healing. William McDowell has once again proven himself to be a beacon of light in the realm of worship music, and “Arise” stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to leading others into the presence of God.

Tracklist: William McDowell – Arise (The Live Worship Experience)

Disc 1

  1. Arise Intro (Live)
  2. Arise (Live)
  3. Spoken (Live)
  4. Overcomer (Live)
  5. The Sound, Pt. 2 (Live)
  6. Standing (Live)
  7. I Have a Promise (Standing Reprise) [Live]
  8. You Are God Alone (Live)
  9. I Belong to You (Live)
  10. I Surrender All / We Say Yes (Live)
  11. Minstrel’s Selah (Interlude) [Live]
  12. Song of Intercession Intro (Live)
  13. Song of Intercession (Live)

Disc 2

  1. My Desire (Live)
  2. Waiting (Live)
  3. Wait (Live)
  4. The Presence of the Lord (Live)
  5. All I Want Is You (Live)
  6. In (Live)
  7. Place of Worship (Live)
  8. I Give Myself Away / Yes (Live)
  9. I Won’t Go Back (Live)
  10. I Won’t Go Back (Reprise) [Live]

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