William McDowell – Place of Worship

Still keeping up the good work, William McDowell released this impressive song “Place of Worship” which is off his debut album.

As one of the favourite gospel acts in America, William McDowell dropped this beautiful song “Place of Worship” to the hearing of his beautiful fan base. It was recorded and released in 2011 and has started going viral and collecting many streams and fans commendations. “Place of Worship” rises from his debut album named “Arise”.

“Arise” is a distinctive and well-created body of work that is made of praise and worship melodies. It houses a. It is a special offering in which William McDowell showcases his unlimited capabilities and puts some hard work into reaching his fans’ satisfaction and expectations.

The song “Place of Worship” from the album happens to be the 7th from disc 2 and one of the best tracks you shouldn’t miss from William McDowell this time…Listen, download and share with others below!!!


Video: William McDowell – Place of Worship

Lyrics: William McDowell – Place of Worship

I sing to You, I dance with You
I cry before You here in this place
I give my all, just to be hold
Just to be near, here in this place
Just You and me, everything’s so clear
Now I am free, just You and me
Don’t care who sees, I don’t care who hears
Oh, how I love this place of worship

(Oh God, I long to be with You
More than anything, Lord.)

Oh, how I love this place with You. [4x]

Free to dance with You, free to sing to You
Free to hear from You. When I’m with You I am…

Free to worship, free to bow down
Free… to cry out. When I’m with You I am…

Free… When I’m with You I am…

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