Todd Dulaney – A Worshipper’s Heart [Album]

“A Worshipper’s Heart: Todd Dulaney’s Musical Journey of Spiritual Intimacy”.

In the realm of contemporary Christian music, Todd Dulaney stands out as a beacon of heartfelt worship and lyrical depth. With his album “A Worshipper’s Heart,” released in 2016, Dulaney invites listeners into a profound spiritual journey through fifteen captivating tunes. Each track serves as a testament to Dulaney’s commitment to genuine worship and his desire to lead others into a deeper connection with God.

From the moment the album begins, listeners are enveloped in a sonic tapestry that seamlessly blends elements of gospel, R&B, and contemporary worship. Dulaney’s rich, soulful vocals serve as the perfect vessel for conveying the album’s central message: the transformative power of worship. Whether through upbeat anthems or soul-stirring ballads, Dulaney’s passion for God shines through in every note.

Beyond its musical excellence, “A Worshipper’s Heart” serves as a reminder of the power of worship to transform lives and draw people closer to God. Todd Dulaney’s album “A Worshipper’s Heart” is a testament to the enduring power of worship to uplift, inspire, and transform. With its unforgettable tunes and heartfelt lyrics, this album continues to touch the lives of listeners around the world, reminding them of the profound joy and privilege of worshipping the God who created them.

Tracklist: Todd Dulaney – A Worshipper’s Heart

  1. Intro (feat. Smokie Norful)
  2. Dance in the Rain
  3. Free Worshipper
  4. The Anthem
  5. You Are Everything
  6. Fall On Us
  7. Greater
  8. Unchurched
  9. Victory Belongs to Jesus
  10. Victory Belongs to Jesus (Reprise)
  11. Put the Attention on Jesus
  12. Worship You Forever
  13. Worship You Forever Extended (Consuming Fire Flow)
  14. Worship You Forever (Holy Ghost Fire)
  15. Higher

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