Todd Dulaney – Free Worshipper

Todd Dulaney, an American gospel music crooner discharged this soundtrack called, Free Worshipper. Released in the year 2016.

We offer you this amazing track called, Free Worshipper, written and performed by Todd Dulaney, an American gospel music diva. It was from his 2016 album titled “A Worshipper’s Heart”that this song was unvailed as the 3rd track.
Todd Dulaney has been dominating the gospel  music scene lately and has been gaining lots of attention due to his highly-rated vocals that is been loved by his fans and the gospel music community alike.

he really performed well on this stunning and dazzling track labeled “Free Worshipper”. Todd Dulaney always keeps bringing good music to bless anyone who harkens to it.


Video: Todd Dulaney – Free Worshipper

Lyrics: Todd Dulaney – Free Worshipper

Free to dance and sing
Free to lift my hands and worship
Lord I’m free, Lord I’m free

I’m a free Worshipper, I’m a free Worshipper
I’m a free Worshipper. Lord I’m free

I thank God I’m free and I’ll never be bound again

Return to Lord I’m free…

Oh Oh Oh Lord I’m free…

Whom the Son set free is free indeed

I am free. Praise the Lord I’m free
No longer bound. No more chains holding me
My soul is resting. It’s just a blessing
Praise the Lord Hallelujah I’m free. Amen

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