Apostle Joshua Selman – The Mystery of Night Watches

Message Title: The Mystery of Night Watches

Apostle Joshua Selman delves into the profound spiritual significance of night watches, emphasizing their role as critical periods for divine encounters and strategic intercession. Drawing from biblical examples, he highlights how significant events and revelations often occurred during the night, a time when the noise of the day subsides and the spiritual atmosphere is more conducive to hearing God’s voice. Apostle Selman urges believers to embrace the discipline of night watches, using this quiet and potent time to seek God’s presence, receive divine instructions, and wage spiritual warfare.

Furthermore, Apostle Selman explains that night watches are not just about prayer but also about aligning ourselves with God’s divine timing and purposes. He teaches that the night is a season where destinies can be shaped and battles can be won in the spiritual realm, setting the stage for victories in the natural world. By dedicating time to pray and seek God during the night watches, believers can experience deeper intimacy with God, clearer prophetic insights, and greater spiritual breakthroughs. Apostle Selman encourages us to understand and harness the mystery of night watches to unlock new dimensions of spiritual growth and effectiveness in our walk with God.

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