Apostle Joshua Selman – How To Engage End of The Year Retreat

Message Title: How To Engage End of The Year Retreat

Apostle Joshua Selman imparts valuable insights on the importance and methodology of engaging in an end-of-the-year retreat, emphasizing it as a crucial time for spiritual renewal and strategic planning. He highlights that such retreats are not merely a tradition but a divine opportunity to reflect on the past year, seek God’s direction for the coming year, and align oneself with His purposes. Apostle Selman encourages believers to approach this time with intentionality, setting aside distractions and dedicating themselves to prayer, worship, and the study of God’s Word. This period of reflection and communion with God can bring clarity, healing, and fresh vision.

Furthermore, Apostle Selman outlines practical steps to maximize the impact of an end-of-the-year retreat. He advises creating a structured plan that includes time for personal reflection, thanksgiving, and repentance, as well as seeking God’s guidance for future endeavors. He also stresses the importance of journaling insights and revelations received during this time, allowing them to guide one’s actions and decisions in the new year. By engaging in an end-of-the-year retreat with a heart open to God’s leading, believers can enter the new year with renewed strength, clear direction, and a deeper sense of purpose, fully equipped to fulfill God’s will in every aspect of their lives.

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