Yadah – Father

Yadah released a new interesting piece of music “Father” which is off his new album.

“Father” is a new song released by the Nigerian gospel divo, Yadah in which she performed awesomely well. It was recorded and made worldwide in 2023 and has started making a tremendous trend out there. “Father” is said to be one of the tracks off his new project titled “Fathered By the Best”.

“Fathered By the Best” by Yadah is an album that resonates with anyone seeking a deeper connection with their faith. Each of the eleven tracks offers a unique perspective on worship, gratitude, and God’s unmatched greatness. Whether you need uplifting melodies or profound lyrics, this album delivers in every way. If you haven’t yet experienced “Fathered By the Best,” it’s time to dive in and let Yadah’s music lead you on a spiritual journey like no other.

Yadah, born Agaga Praise Kukeurim, is a Nigerian gospel artist known for her soul-stirring voice and spiritually uplifting music. She has quickly become a prominent figure in the gospel music scene, captivating audiences with her heartfelt lyrics and inspiring message of faith and hope.

The song “Father” from the album happens to be the 1st and one of the most interesting tracks that deserve to be on your favorite music playlist… Listen and download it below!!!


Video: Yadah – Father

Lyrics: Yadah – Obaruba

Oh oh father
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
You are the best- better than ten thousands of men
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
So who am I that you’re so mindful of me
Oh who am I that your thoughts are always full of me
While I was lost in my wrongs you sent your son to die for me
Oh oh Oh oh father
Oh oh father
My redeemer – the one who paid the debt I owed
See how you dug me out of the pit and made me whole
Now you called me your righteousness
While I am away your arms are open wide
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
Who dare loves like you do
Who dare save like you do
Tell me who else loves like you do
And who can save
You’re the mighty deliverer – Better than ten thousands of men
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
A mother may leave her sucking child
But you are always always right here by me
Your arms are always open wide – always ready to welcome us home
There’s no father-ther-ther like you
No lover no lover like you
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
There are no words enough to describe the kind of father that you are
Even wicked men give good gifts to their kids how much more you oh
And you’ve called us your righteousness oh
See how much you love us oh
Oh oh father
Oh oh
You’re the one who gives every good and perfect gift
You’re the one who loves in a very perfect way
Words are not enough to describe
How much you love me oh
It’s a privilege to call you my father
It’s an honor to be loved by you
Oh oh father
Oh oh father
You are you are the best
You are the best
It’s a mistake to compare you with anyone else
You are you are my best
You are the best – better than ten thousands and millions of men
Oh oh father
Oh oh father

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