William McDowell – We Just Want You

Sensational gospel musical artist and Pastor from America, William McDowell offers a new song called “We Just Want You”.

William McDowell recently released a new song called “We Just Want You” which seems to be gaining popularity among the fans out there. The song was released in 2016 and is part of his latest album called “Sounds Of Revival”.

It’s great to hear that Sounds of Revival is such an outstanding album made to bring out amazing sounds. With a whopping fifteen tracks with guest appearances ranging from Taylor Poole, José Garrafa Travis Greene, Trinity Anderson and lots more. It’s a wonder that William McDowell can still show off his limitless talent and satisfy his loyal fanbase.

Furthermore,”We Just Want You” is such a great song appearing as the 3rd track that will surely be worth a place on your favourite music playlist… Listen and download it below!!!


Video: William McDowell – We Just Want You

Lyrics: William McDowell – We Just Want You

We need Your Spirit pouring out on us, Oh God
We need revival stirring up oh god we just want you, we just want you
Creation waits, We people long To You, Anticipate a Mighty Move
Were leaning, Trusting, Patiently waiting were desperate and we are
crying out
Come, Come, Come,
Holy spirit

Move, Move, Move
Holy Spirit

Revive us, Revive us, Revive us Holy Spirit
Transform us, Transform us, Transform us Holy Spirit
Reveal Your power
Reveal Your glory
Reveal Your kindness
Reveal Your love

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