Todd Dulaney – Your Great Name [Album]

“Todd Dulaney’s ‘Your Great Name’: A Testament of Worship in 15 Tracks”.

In the realm of contemporary gospel music, Todd Dulaney stands out as a beacon of faith and inspiration. With his 2018 studio album, “Your Great Name,” Dulaney delivers a powerful testament to the majesty and glory of God. Comprising 15 solid tracks, this album is a journey of worship, praise, and surrender.

Todd Dulaney’s journey to gospel music stardom is as inspiring as his music itself. Born and raised in Maywood, Illinois, Dulaney’s early life was marked by a passion for both sports and music. He excelled as a talented baseball player, even playing professionally for a time, but it was his deep-rooted love for music that ultimately led him to his true calling.

Each of the album’s 15 tracks offers a unique glimpse into Dulaney’s musical and spiritual journey. From the anthemic praise of “Prayer featuring Pastor John Hanna” to the soulful balladry of “You Are the Reason featuring Dj Nicholas,” Todd Dulaney covers a wide range of themes and emotions. Whether he’s celebrating the joy of salvation or grappling with the challenges of life, his lyrics are always infused with hope and faith.

Tracklist: Todd Dulaney – Your Great Name

  1. Prayer (feat. Pastor John Hannah)
  2. Sits Up on the Throne
  3. Come Alive
  4. Your Great Name (Live)
  5. Stand Forever
  6. King of Glory (feat. Shana Wilson-Williams)
  7. Pulling Me Through
  8. Fall in Love Again
  9. Pour Me Out
  10. We Surrender It All (feat. Naomi Raine)
  11. Sanctuary
  12. Father Be Pleased (feat. Nicole C. Mullen)
  13. Spontaneous Flow
  14. You Are the Reason (feat. Dj Nicholas)
  15. I Can’t Be Stopped (Bonus Track)

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