Todd Dulaney – Wouldn’t Trade


Highly-Talented American gospel singer and songwriter, Todd Dulaney drops this song named, “Wouldn’t Trade”. Released in the year 2022.

One of the loved American gospel singers who goes by the name, Todd Dulaney is out with this wonderful song captioned, “Wouldn’t Trade”. It was his outstanding debut album, Pulling Me Through, that gave birth to this melody, which was disclosed in the year 2022.
The American-born singer, Todd Dulaney really took out his time to write and record this song, showing his God-given talents to his fans and the music community. On the above-mentioned body of work the record, Wouldn’t Trade is outlined as the 6th track.

Todd Dulaney is so talented and blessed. Ever since he rose to fame, all the singer does is to drop good melodies back-to-back without stopping and this makes the love of his fans increas as the days goes by.


Video: Todd Dulaney – Wouldn’t Trade

Lyrics: Todd Dulaney – Wouldn’t Trade

I remember when you came into my life
Just like the movies, you were my shining light
All the problems I had just seemed to melt away
Cause in your presence I can feel so safe
Today I give my life and I say

All my life
To the end of my days
I will share my love
And you know you have my praise
Your the best one decision
That I have ever made
And I wouldn’t trade the world for you
To the left, to the left
Is where I was headed
But your love got me right back on the road to you
Where would I be if you hadn’t saved my life
Forever and a day, I will
Forever and a day, you’ve got me

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