Todd Dulaney – To Africa with Love [Album]

“A Musical Journey of Faith and Celebration: Todd Dulaney’s ‘To Africa with Love’ Live Album”.

Todd Dulaney an American gospel singer and songwriter has emerged as a beacon of inspiration and faith with his soulful voice and powerful lyrics. and has captured the hearts of listeners around the world. His 2019 live album, “To Africa with Love,” stands as a testament to his musical talent and his deep connection to the African continent.

Comprising 10 tracks, “To Africa with Love” is a celebration of faith, joy, and the transformative power of worship. From the infectious rhythms to the heartfelt lyrics, each song on the album is a testament to the rich tapestry of African culture and the unifying force of music.

Tracklist: Todd Dulaney – To Africa with Love

  1. Dance in the Rain (Live from Africa)
  2. Your Great Name (feat. Nicole Harris) [Live from Africa]
  3. The Anthem (Live from Africa)
  4. Victory Belongs to Jesus (feat. Lebohang Kgapola) [Live from Africa]
  5. Let It Flow (Live from Africa)
  6. You’re Doing It All Again (feat. Nicole Harris) [Live from Africa]
  7. King of Glory (feat. Illia Jackson) [Live from Africa]
  8. Consuming Fire (Live from Africa)
  9. Free Worshipper (Live from Africa)
  10. Unchurched Remix (feat. Q Parker)

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