Todd Dulaney – Anthems & Glory [Album]


“Elevating Worship: Todd Dulaney’s ‘Anthems & Glory’ Album Uplifts Spirits with 17 Soul-Stirring Tracks”.

The American gospel songster who goes by the name Todd Dulaney is known for his amazing singing and songs that touch the heart. His album “Anthems & Glory,” released in 2021, is a great example of his talent and faith.

Comprising 17 tracks, “Anthems & Glory” is a rich tapestry of worship, praise, and spiritual revelation. From the moment the first notes echo through the speakers to the album’s triumphant conclusion, Dulaney’s impassioned vocals and dynamic arrangements create an atmosphere ripe for encounter with the divine.

In “Anthems & Glory,” Todd’s songs invite people to join him in worshiping God. They remind us of God’s love and how much He cares for us. Todd’s music is like a special gift that helps people feel close to God and gives them hope in hard times.

Tracklist: Todd Dulaney – Anthems & Glory

  1. Overture (Live)
  2. Prayer (feat. Apostle Matthew Stevenson) [Live]
  3. Opening Flow (Live)
  4. Come a Little Closer (feat. Kierra Sheard) [Live]
  5. My Weapon (Live)
  6. Psalms 18 (I Will Call on the Name) [Live]
  7. Psalms 23 (He’s a Strong Tower) [Live]
  8. Bless Your Name (feat. David Wilford) [Live]
  9. Glory Flow (feat. Todd Galberth & David Wilford) [Live]
  10. Yes (Live)
  11. All I Need (Live)
  12. Satisfied (feat. Smokie Norful) [Live]
  13. Satisfied Flow (feat. Tamela Mann & Smokie Norful) [Live]
  14. Miracles, Signs and Wonders (feat. Tim Bush) [Live]
  15. Proverbs 3 (Tablet of Your Heart) [Live]
  16. Revelation 4 (Live)
  17. Get the Glory (Live)

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