Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Hymns (Live) [Album]


Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s “Hymns (Live)” – A Revival of Timeless Worship

In 2022, Tasha Cobbs Leonard released her highly acclaimed album “Hymns (Live),” a live recording that breathes new life into some of the most cherished hymns of the Christian faith. Comprising 24 tracks, this album stands as a monumental work in her career, blending traditional worship with contemporary sounds to create an experience that resonates deeply with listeners.

“Hymns (Live)” is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring power of hymns, capturing their timeless essence while infusing them with Cobbs Leonard’s signature energy and passion. The live setting adds an extra layer of authenticity and emotional depth, making each track feel like a communal worship experience.

By blending traditional hymns with modern worship elements and delivering them in a live setting, Cobbs Leonard has created an album that honors the past while inspiring the present. With its powerful performances, heartfelt collaborations, and timeless messages, “Hymns (Live)” is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deep, authentic worship experience. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of hymns or new to their beauty, this album offers something profoundly uplifting for everyone.

Tracklist: Tasha Cobbs Leonard – Hymns (Live)

  1. Reach Out And Touch The Lord
  2. The Moment
  3. Burdens Down
  4. Glory Glory Hallelujah
  5. Warrior Of Heaven
  6. Jesus is Mine
  7. Jesus Lover of My Soul
  8. Jesus Lover Of My Soul (Reprise)
  9. Power
  10. Power (Reprise)
  11. At The Cross
  12. Let The People Rejoice
  13. Counting My Blessings
  14. The Church I Grew Up In (Intro)
  15. The Church I Grew Up In
  16. The Church I Grew Up In (Reprise)
  17. Jesus What A Friend
  18. Jesus What A Friend (Reprise)
  19. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  20. Holy
  21. Agnus Dei
  22. Under My Feet (Praise Break)
  23. I Surrender
  24. It Is Well

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