Rita Meroh – Jesus Knows

Rita Meroh’s latest single, “Jesus Knows,” is a profoundly comforting song that taps into the universal feeling of seeking understanding and solace in times of uncertainty. With her signature emotive voice, Rita delivers a message that resonates deeply with listeners: no matter the situation, Jesus is fully aware of our struggles and is always ready to offer guidance and support. The song’s arrangement is both gentle and uplifting, reinforcing the soothing message with a melodic grace that encourages reflection and reassurance.

“Jesus Knows” stands out as a testament to Rita Meroh’s ability to connect with her audience on a spiritual and emotional level. The song beautifully articulates the peace that comes from trusting in a higher power who understands our innermost thoughts and fears. Through this track, Rita fosters a spiritual connection that many seek but seldom find in everyday music. It serves not only as a piece of artistic expression but also as a spiritual companion for those who feel lost or alone, reminding them that they are understood and never beyond the compassionate reach of Jesus.

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Lyrics: Rita Meroh – Jesus Knows


Life is like a busy street

People go, come and then they go

What is it all about?

Some say, you’ll never know when

You’ll never know when you are reaching home

What could it be about?


I don’t know

But here’s one thing, Jesus knows


I heard he raised a man from death

His dad made the universe

He does know, everything

Why life is such a mystery,

Why death is never ending,

He does know everything


And I don’t know

But here’s one thing

Jesus knows


Where the sun goes to rest at night,

Where the moon goes before his time to grace the night,

How the clouds don’t come crashing down,

How the trees know to bend to your wind, your wind of love.

(Repeat Chorus)

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