Mr M & Revelation – God Is On My Matter [El_Roi]

Mr M & Revelation’s New Single: “God Is On My Matter [El_Roi]” – A Powerful Affirmation of Divine Oversight

The gospel music scene is abuzz with the release of Mr M & Revelation’s latest single, “God Is On My Matter [El_Roi].” This vibrant and uplifting track is a testament to God’s constant vigilance and care for His people, resonating deeply with believers who rely on His divine presence in their lives.

“God Is On My Matter [El_Roi]” is an energetic and inspiring song that affirms the ever-present watchfulness of God. The title, “El-Roi,” translates to “The God who sees me,” a name for God that originates from the biblical story of Hagar in Genesis 16:13. In this story, Hagar, in her distress, recognizes that God sees her plight and cares for her. Mr M & Revelation’s song captures this profound truth, emphasizing that God is deeply involved in every aspect of our lives.

Mr M & Revelation is a dynamic gospel music group from Nigeria, known for their energetic performances and spiritually enriching music. The group, led by Emmanuel Matthews (popularly known as Mr M), has made significant strides in the gospel music industry with their unique blend of traditional African sounds and modern gospel influences.

Mr M & Revelation’s “God Is On My Matter [El_Roi]” is more than just a song; it is a powerful declaration of faith in God’s perpetual presence and care. With its infectious rhythm, profound lyrics, and the group’s dynamic performance, the track stands out as a significant contribution to contemporary gospel music.


Video: Mr M & Revelation – God Is On My Matter [El_Roi]

Lyrics: Mr M & Revelation – God Is On My Matter [El_Roi]

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