Min. Theophilus Sunday – A Message To Modern Christians [Sermon]

Minister Theophilus Sunday’s sermon, “A Message to Modern Christians,” is a powerful exhortation that challenges believers to return to the foundational principles of the Christian faith. In this stirring message, Sunday confronts contemporary issues facing the Church and calls for a revival of genuine devotion and obedience to God’s Word. With passionate delivery and profound insights, he emphasizes the importance of living a life of holiness, prayer, and spiritual discernment in a world marked by compromise and moral decline.

As a respected voice in the Christian community, Minister Theophilus Sunday’s sermon carries weight and authority, resonating with believers seeking spiritual guidance and renewal. His message serves as a clarion call for believers to rise above the distractions of the world and pursue a deeper intimacy with God. “A Message to Modern Christians” challenges listeners to examine their hearts, reevaluate their priorities, and align their lives with the timeless truths of Scripture, ultimately leading to a more vibrant and impactful Christian walk.

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