Min. GUC – The Message [Album]


Minister GUC’s “The Message”: 12 Songs to Heal Your Soul.

Minister GUC’s debut album, “The Message,” released in 2020, isn’t just a collection of songs; it’s a treasure trove of spiritual remedies. Each of the 12 tracks acts as a balm for the weary soul, offering a message of hope, love, and unwavering faith.

Minister GUC isn’t a newcomer to the gospel music scene, but “The Message” marked his grand entrance. Signed under the EeZee Conceptz label, this album solidified his position as a powerful worship leader with a voice that resonates with raw emotion and unwavering conviction.

The beauty of “The Message” lies in its diversity. While each track is undeniably rooted in gospel, the musical styles range from heart-wrenching ballads like “Desperate” to the infectious energy of praise anthems like “All That Matters.” Tracks like “God of Vengeance” showcase Minister GUC’s ability to deliver powerful messages of justice and hope, while others, such as “Akanam-Nkwe” (meaning “I Will Sing” in Igbo), offer a chance to simply bask in God’s presence.

“The Message” continues to be a source of inspiration for gospel music lovers around the world. The album’s success propelled Minister GUC to the forefront of Nigerian gospel music, and its message of hope and unwavering faith continues to resonate with listeners everywhere.

Tracklist: Min. GUC – The Message

  1. Heaven at Last
  2. God is Helping Us
  3. Iké Nilé
  4. God of Vengeance
  5. Akanam Nkwe
  6. All That Matters
  7. What He Says
  8. Desperate
  9. Knowing You
  10. Your Presence
  11. Yours
  12. Nkem

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