Mercy Chinwo – Oke Mmiri

“Oke Mmiri” by Mercy Chinwo is a soul-stirring worship anthem that celebrates the majesty and sovereignty of God as the “Living Water.” With her captivating vocals and poignant lyrics, Chinwo leads listeners into a place of adoration and reverence, acknowledging God as the source of life and sustenance. The song’s melodious arrangement and uplifting rhythm create a sacred atmosphere of worship, inviting believers to draw near to the One who satisfies the deepest longings of the soul.

As a renowned gospel artist, Mercy Chinwo continues to inspire and uplift with her music that resonates deeply with listeners. “Oke Mmiri” serves as a powerful reminder of God’s provision, presence, and faithfulness in every season of life. Through this song, Chinwo encourages believers to drink deeply from the well of God’s grace and to find true fulfillment and satisfaction in Him alone, as He is the “Living Water” who quenches every thirst and refreshes the weary soul.

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