Jolass Court – Epariwo

“Epariwo” by Jolass Court, an emerging talent under JB Entertainment International, marks a significant entry into the gospel music scene. “Epariwo,” which means “shout” in Yoruba, captures the essence of raising one’s voice in joyous praise and adulation for God’s unending faithfulness and love. With its vibrant rhythms and infectious melody, the song encourages listeners to vocally express their gratitude and worship without restraint. Jolass Court’s powerful vocals and spirited delivery make “Epariwo” not only a song of celebration but also a declaration of faith that resonates deeply within the soul of its audience.

Backed by JB Entertainment International, a powerhouse that has managed and promoted projects for globally renowned artists like Cece Winans and Israel Houghton, Jolass Court is poised for significant impact in the gospel music industry. “Epariwo” benefits from high-caliber production and marketing expertise, ensuring that its message of praise and exuberance reaches a wide audience. The release of “Epariwo” represents not just a personal triumph for Jolass Court but also underscores JB Entertainment’s ongoing commitment to nurturing and bringing forth new voices in gospel music that inspire and uplift listeners worldwide.

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