James Fortune – For A Long Time

James Fortune’s New Song: “For A Long Time” – Finding Hope and Healing.

James Fortune, a famous gospel singer, has just released a new song called “For A Long Time.” It’s a song about feeling better after going through hard times.

The song talks about struggles we all face, but it also brings hope. James Fortune’s singing is full of emotion, making you feel like you’re not alone in your tough times.

More than just a song, “For A Long Time” is like a reminder to keep going, even when things seem really hard. It’s about believing that things will get better and finding strength in faith.

So when you listen to “For A Long Time,” let it remind you that tough times don’t last forever. Let it give you hope and strength to keep moving forward, knowing that better days are ahead.


Video: James Fortune – For A Long Time

Lyrics: James Fortune – For A Long Time

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