Empowering Futures: Dunamis Church Equips 451 With Vital Vocational Skills And Resources

Dunamis International Gospel Centre has celebrated a landmark achievement with the graduation of 451 individuals from its highly anticipated 2024 Batch A Skills Acquisition Training Programme. This momentous event not only recognized the dedication and hard work of the graduates but also underscored Dunamis Church’s commitment to equipping its members with essential vocational skills. Led by Senior Pastor Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche, the ceremony highlighted the church’s vision for establishing a Vocational Skills Training Academy, aimed at meeting the evolving needs of today’s youth through practical skill acquisition.

David Ozigi, Head of the Welfare Department at Dunamis, expressed gratitude for the church’s extensive facilities and equipment, which facilitated comprehensive training across diverse vocational trades. Emphasizing the transformative potential of extended training periods, Ozigi commended Dr. Paul Enenche and Dr. Mrs. Becky Enenche for their visionary leadership in combining spiritual growth with practical skill development. The graduates received training in various fields including Catering, Farming, Fashion, and Solar Energy, and were additionally equipped with essential tools and financial grants to jumpstart their entrepreneurial endeavors. This initiative not only empowers individuals but also contributes significantly to poverty alleviation and economic progress, reflecting Dunamis Church’s proactive role in fostering sustainable community development.

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