Elijah Oyelade – OGHENE DOH (Lord thank you)

A Heartfelt Gratitude: Elijah Oyelade’s New Release “OGHENE DOH (Lord Thank You)”

Renowned gospel artist Elijah Oyelade has once again graced the music world with his latest release, “OGHENE DOH (Lord Thank You).” This song of gratitude and worship is set to touch hearts and uplift spirits, reinforcing Oyelade’s position as a leading voice in contemporary gospel music.

“OGHENE DOH,” which translates to “Thank You Lord” in the Urhobo language, is a melodious expression of thankfulness and praise to God. Elijah Oyelade, known for his deep spiritual lyrics and anointed worship songs, captures the essence of gratitude in this latest offering. The song serves as a powerful reminder to acknowledge and appreciate God’s countless blessings in our lives.

Since its release, “OGHENE DOH” has garnered widespread acclaim from both fans and critics alike. The song’s universal message of gratitude has struck a chord with listeners, making it a popular choice for personal reflection and corporate worship.

As you listen to this anointed track, let its message of thankfulness permeate your heart and inspire you to live each day with a spirit of gratitude. Whether you’re in a season of joy or facing challenges, “OGHENE DOH” reminds us all to acknowledge and appreciate the goodness of God.


Video: Elijah Oyelade – OGHENE DOH (Lord thank you)

Lyrics: Elijah Oyelade – OGHENE DOH (Lord thank you)

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