Chris Cornerstone – Okaka/Daukaka

Chris Cornerstone’s latest release, “Okaka/Daukaka,” is a powerful gospel anthem that celebrates the majesty and glory of God. The title, which translates to “Great God/Glory” in Igbo and Hausa respectively, reflects the song’s central theme of exalting God’s unparalleled greatness. Chris Cornerstone masterfully blends these two Nigerian languages to create a worship experience that is both culturally rich and spiritually uplifting. “Okaka/Daukaka” is a testament to God’s omnipotence and serves as a reminder of His ever-present help and sovereignty in the lives of believers.

The musical arrangement of “Okaka/Daukaka” is a vibrant fusion of traditional African rhythms and contemporary gospel sounds. Chris Cornerstone’s soulful vocals are complemented by dynamic instrumentation, creating an atmosphere of joyous celebration and deep reverence. The song’s infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics invite listeners to join in a collective outpouring of praise and worship. As “Okaka/Daukaka” resonates through churches and personal playlists, it stands as a powerful declaration of God’s glory and a testament to Chris Cornerstone’s ability to connect with diverse audiences through his music. This track not only elevates the spirit but also reinforces the universal message of God’s greatness and the beauty of unified worship.

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