Benjamin Dube – Bambelela ft Joyouce Celebration

Benjamin Dube’s Latest Release: “Bambelela” ft. Joyous Celebration – A Stirring Call to Faith and Resilience

Gospel music legend Benjamin Dube has once again captivated the hearts of listeners with his latest release, “Bambelela,” featuring the renowned gospel choir Joyous Celebration. This powerful song is a heartfelt call to faith and resilience, reminding believers to hold on to God through every trial and tribulation.

“Bambelela,” which means “hold on” in Zulu, is a stirring anthem that encourages steadfast faith and perseverance. The collaboration with Joyous Celebration, one of Africa’s most beloved gospel choirs, adds an extra layer of depth and harmony to the track, creating a rich and uplifting listening experience.

Benjamin Dube is a celebrated gospel artist, pastor, and music producer hailing from South Africa. With a career spanning several decades, he has become a leading figure in the gospel music scene, known for his powerful voice and deep spiritual insights. Born into a musical family, Dube’s passion for music and ministry was nurtured from a young age.

Benjamin Dube’s “Bambelela” featuring Joyous Celebration is more than just a song; it is a powerful anthem of faith, resilience, and hope. With its profound lyrics, stirring melody, and the combined talents of Dube and Joyous Celebration, the track is destined to become a favorite in gospel music circles.


Video: Benjamin Dube – Bambelela ft Joyouce Celebration

Lyrics: Benjamin Dube – Bambelela ft Joyouce Celebration

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