[Music] Elevation Worship Feat. Brandon Lake, Chris Brown & Chandler Moore – Praise

Officially released, Praise (Live) by Elevation Worship in collaboration with Brandon Lake, Chris Brown & Chandler Moore

Get ready to experience a contemporary gospel masterpiece that combines a happy groove with a chill flow, delivering soul-soothing and spirit-lifting vibes.

Listening to gospel music can help strengthen your faith and deepen your relationship with God. The messages and lyrics in gospel music can help you feel more connected to your faith and can inspire you to live a more spiritual life.

This is a cool sound that worth your playlist. It will definitely bless you.

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Let everything that has breath
Praise the Lord
Praise the Lord

I’ll praise in the valley
Praise on the mountain
I’ll praise when I’m sure
Praise when I’m doubting

I’ll praise when outnumbered
Praise when surrounded
Cause praise is the waters
My enemies drown in

As long as I’m breathing
I’ve got a reason to

Praise the Lord
Oh my soul
Praise the Lord
Oh my soul

I’ll praise when I feel it
I’ll praise when I don’t
I’ll praise cause I know
You’re still in control

My praise is a weapon
It’s more than a sound
My praise is the shout
That brings Jericho down

Praise the Lord
Oh my soul
Praise the Lord
Oh my soul
I won’t be quiet
My God is alive
How could I keep it inside
Praise the Lord oh my soul

I’ll praise cause You’re sovereign
Praise cause You reign
Praise cause You rose and defeated the grave

I’ll praise cause You’re faithful
Praise cause You’re true
Praise cause there’s nobody greater than You


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