Mr M & Revelation – Lion of Judah ft. Sunmisola & Yinka Okeyele

Mr M & Revelation have once again raised the bar in gospel music with their latest release, “Lion of Judah,” featuring the exceptional talents of Sunmisola and Yinka Okeyele. This powerful collaboration brings together some of the most anointed voices in the gospel music scene to create a worship anthem that celebrates the majesty and sovereignty of Jesus Christ, the Lion of Judah. The song is a stirring declaration of His power and authority, inviting listeners to join in a chorus of adoration and reverence. With its compelling lyrics and dynamic composition, “Lion of Judah” serves as a timely reminder of God’s unwavering strength and presence in our lives.

The rich harmonies and powerful vocals of Mr M & Revelation, combined with the soulful contributions of Sunmisola and Yinka Okeyele, make for an unforgettable worship experience. The song’s vibrant instrumentation and uplifting rhythm compel listeners to engage fully in worship, lifting their hearts and voices in praise. As “Lion of Judah” resonates through churches and personal playlists, it stands as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative worship, inspiring believers to acknowledge and celebrate the mighty reign of Jesus Christ in their lives.

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Video: Mr M & Revelation – Lion of Judah ft. Sunmisola & Yinka Okeyele

Lyrics: Mr M & Revelation – Lion of Judah ft. Sunmisola & Yinka Okeyele

Behold the king of glory on the throne

Angels bowing down crying holy holy holy

Every tongue and tribe

Worship worthy is the lamb

Casting every crown at the feet of the master


Lion of judah

Lion of judah eeh

Agu n’eche mba

Agu n’eche mba eeh

You keep fighting my battles

Fighting my battle eeeh

You’re giving me victory

Giving me victory eeh


My worship from me to you

You are worthy forevermore

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