Apostle Joshua Selman Gives Insights About His Most Favorite Scripture In The Bible

In a recent revelation, Apostle Joshua Selman, renowned for his deep spiritual insights and impactful teachings, shared that his favorite Bible verse is Daniel 11:32. This verse, which states, “But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits,” profoundly resonates with Selman’s ministry and personal journey of faith. Known for empowering believers to pursue a deeper relationship with God and to walk in their divine purpose, Apostle Selman finds in this scripture a powerful affirmation of the transformative power of knowing God intimately.

Daniel 11:32 encapsulates the essence of Apostle Selman’s message: that true strength and extraordinary accomplishments in life stem from a deep, personal knowledge of God. This verse is a cornerstone of his teachings, encouraging believers to cultivate a strong spiritual foundation and to act boldly in their faith. By highlighting this scripture as his favorite, Apostle Selman underscores the importance of spiritual intimacy and divine empowerment, inspiring many to seek a closer walk with God and to expect great things as a result of that relationship.


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